Hendy is currently graduated from Binus University, but he wasn't there on his own, which many people helped him on his way. Including his old schools back in hometown. From Taman Kanak-kanak to SMA (high school). Here are details about the schools he went :

1. TK Fransiskus

Kindergarden. Located in Jln. Jendral Sudirman, Tanjung Uban. Will try to take a photo and update this.

2. SDN 002

Primary school. SDN 002 was well known as best
SDN 002
primary school back then, with main "competitor" SDN 001, which they located side to side. Many interesting stories happens. Check out the main article (to be followed).

3. SMP Negeri 1

Junior high. Also well known as best junior high school back then. But lately, many competitors joined the market. :D


Senior high. A private (non-government) high school. Located in Pertamina area.

5. Binus University


After a heart breaking decision, decided to continued the study far from hometown (not that far really) to Jakarta. Binus was chosen as one of his friend already studied there, Heri. More on him and the campus on main article (following)

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