born in Tanjung Pinang, but grown up in Tanjung Uban. Is a strange guy, moody person. Can be very friendly, but sometimes becomes a very uncommunicative person, withdrawn himself from the crowd. It all depends on what mood he is at the time.
His favourite sport is Basketball, favourite food is (maybe) tofu. Sometimes watches football matches where his favourite team or players plays. Likes Blue the most. But since late 2010, started to like Yellow, as he felt yellow seems cheerful. And many other unimportant things about him.

A multy-personality person. Sometimes, he is a friendly, cheerful person. Likes to chat "anything" with others. When he is not yet familiar with someone, he is a shy person. Avoid to talk

Cute boy when he was a child. chubby. but as time goes by, he grown up, became a skinny boy, lost his cuteness.

Abilities? dont have any specific one. Basketball a little. works as Java Programmer, but dont really good at Java. Studied oracle at Bina Nusantara University, majoring Teknik Informatika.

Wears watch on right hand, just to be different with most people.
He is a "kidal" a.k.a left handed

Favoured Quotes

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